WISE 2009 will have two concurrent tracks (A and B). Papers presentations in these tracks will be either 40 or 45 minutes (3-paper sessions are 2 hours long and 2-paper sessions are 1.5 hour long). Paper presenters will have 25 or 30 minutes respectively for their presentation, followed by 5 minutes of discussion/comments by the assigned paper discussant. This will be followed by 10 minutes of Q&A open to all participants.

The session chair will be responsible for keeping the session on time. WISE discussants are encouraged to coordinate with the presenting authors to discuss the paper before the workshop, and may arrange to receive advance copies of the presentation. Both presenters and discussants are encouraged to bring a copy of their presentation in a USB thumb drive, so that all presentations can easily be projected with one laptop per session, avoiding laptop changeovers and projector incompatibilities. We will confirm the recommended format for Powerpoint files as soon as possible, so watch this space.


The Monday Poster Track will consist of a Summary Presentations part, where each presenter will get 3 minutes to present their paper to the WISE 2009 participants. This will be followed by the Poster Presentations, with each paper assigned an easel with a poster board. During this part, one or more co-authors of each paper will present and discuss their paper to small groups of WISE 2009 participants, and have the opportunity to interact with these participants.

Summary Presentation guidelines:

Each presenter will get 3 minutes and up to 5 slides (1 title slide and up to 4 content slides). Presenters should allow 15 seconds for changeover, and thus should be ready to deliver their presentation in 2 minutes and 45 seconds. Given the tight timing contstraints, presenters will be cut off if they exceed their alloted time.

To help with compatibility of the slides (which will be combined into a single file), summary presentations should be created by downloading and modifying the provided presentation slides template in the file wise2009-p00_slides.pptx. The final file should be renamed wise2009-pNN_slides.pptx , where PNN is the number of the paper as listed in the workshop program, and emailed to Yannis Bakos. For instance, the presentation file for paper P05 should be named wise2009p05_slides.pptx. To help compatibility, presenters should avoid mathematical symbols in nonstandard fonts, and use images for formulas, graphs and tables to the extent possible. They should also keep the font size readable, and avoid using transitions in their slides. Presentation slides should be received no later than midnight of Monday December 7. If you send updated versions of a file, do not change the file name. More recent versions (as determined by the date of the email) will replace earlier versions.

Poster presentation guidelines:

Presenters will be provided with an easel and a poster board for each paper, on which they can attach either a poster sheet or individual tiled sheets (thumb tucks will be  provided). The poster boards will be 40 in by 30 in, and can be positioned either horizonally or vertically. A search for "poster presentation templates" or "free research poster templates" will identify several free templates available online, which can be printed on poster paper, or tiled on regular sheets of paper. For example:

Please note that several poster templates, including the ones above, default to 48 in by 36 in, which is larger than our poster boards. Most poster templates also tend to have smaller fonts and much more detail than is appropriate for WISE. If you use such a template you will have to avoid using small fonts and you will need to trim the resulting sheets appropriately.


Authors of all papers should submit the most recent version of their paper to be posted on the WISE 2009 website and to be included in the downloadable zip archive of presented papers. All papers should be emailed to Yannis Bakos in pdf form, and the name of the attachment should be wise2009-xyz_paper.pdf (all lowercase) where
  • for concurrent papers xy is the session of the paper (x would be 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6; y would be either a or b), and z would be 1, 2, or 3 depending on whether the paper is listed in the program as 1st, 2nd or 3rd in that session), and
  • for papers in the Monday poster track, x should be "p" (lower case) and yz such that Pyz is the number of the paper as listed in the workshop program.

Thus the pdf file for the 3rd paper in Session 2B should be named wise2009-2b3_paper.pdf, and the pdf file for paper P05 should be named wise2009-P05_paper.pdf. These pdf files should be received no later than midnight of Monday December 7. If you send updated versions of a file, do not change the file name. More recent versions (as determined by the date of the email) will replace earlier versions. Initially, the version of the paper made available on the website will be the copy of the paper or abstract that was submitted to WISE, or a more recent copy if one has been submitted since.

Authors that wish to make a powerpoint presentation available for downloading and distribution to WISE participants as well, should save it as a pdf file and name the file using the same convention as above, replacing "paper" with "slides". In the above examples, the presentation files to be posted and included in the zipped archive would be wise2009-2b3_slides.pdf and wise2009-P05_slides.pdf.

If you have additional questions, please contact the workshop organizers.

Important Dates
Submissions accepted:
Tuesday September 1, 2009
Submission deadline:
Tuesday September 15, 2009
Notice of acceptance:
Tuesday October 13, 2009
Drafts due for discussion:
Tuesday November 24, 2009
Online registration opens:
Tuesday October 27, 2009
Early registration closes:
Tuesday November 24, 2009
Online registration closes:
Tuesday December 8, 2009