Teaching Syllabi

Economics of Global Business
The Stern undergraduate core course in international economics and macroeconomics. The course starts with the rudiments of macroeconomics in an international context using an investment saving identity with the current account. It goes on to develop trade theory in order to show the gains from trade and the costs of trade barriers.

Introduction to Macroeconomics
This course provides Stern BS in Business and Political Economy students with a thorough and rigorous introduction to the basic ideas of macroeconomics and their relationship to policy making and the political environment both in the U.S. and around the world.

The course addresses six major themes that form the foundation of macroeconomics:

  • Measurement of macro concepts
  • Determinants of long run economic equilibrium and growth
  • Money and the financial system
  • Macroeconomic relations among countries
  • Short run economic fluctuations
  • Policy challenges for the modern macro economy

BPE Senior Seminar
This is the capstone course for the BS in Business and Political Economy (BPE). The objective of the course is to provide students with an opportunity to place their work in BPE in perspective and examine historical, political and economic issues that have not yet been explored. Students are expected to write an extensive research paper as the main course requirement.



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