Global Business Environment
Fall 2005

Reading List

(*) denotes a required reading
(x) denotes a reading available in the reading and case packet

1. Overview of the Global Economy

2.  National Income Accounts, Aggregate Demand, Aggregate Supply and Oil Shocks 3. Current Account, External Debt and Financial Crises: Emerging Market Economies and United States

4. International Indicators: Nominal and Real Exchange Rates and Interest Parity Conditions

5. Long-Run Economic Growth and Productivity Growth

6.  Monetary Policy and Stabilization Policy

7. Fixed and Flexible Exchange Rates and the Dynamics of Currency Crises

8. Fiscal Policy, Budget Deficits and Debt Crises

  • Miles and Scott, Chapter 10.
  • Link to the RGE page on U.S. Budget Policy and Tax Cuts
  • Congressional Budgt Office Web Site
  • W. Gale and P. Orszag: Bush Administration Tax Policy: Effects on Long-Term Growth, Tax Notes, October 18, 2004
  • W. Gale and P. Orszag Bush Administration Tax Policy: Short-Term Stimulus, Tax Notes, November 1, 2004

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