Masakazu Ishihara

Assistant Professor of Marketing
Leonard N. Stern School of Business
New York University

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"Balancing Exclusivity and Accessibility: Patterns of Brand and Product Line Extension Strategies in the Fashion Luxury Industry," (with Poppy Zhang), forthcoming in Luxury: History Culture Consumption (special issue on the Business of Luxury)

"Predicting Advertising Success Beyond Traditional Measures: New Insights from Neurophysiological Methods and Market Response Modeling,” (with Vinod Venkatraman, Angelika Dimoka, Paul A. Pavlou, Khoi Vo, William Hampton, Bryan Bollinger, Hal E. Hershfield, and Russell S. Winer), Journal of Marketing Research, 52(4), 2015, 436-452

"Overcoming the Illegitimacy Discount: Cultural Entrepreneurship in the U.S. Feature Film Industry," (with Eric Yanfei Zhao and Michael Lounsbury), Organization Studies, 34(12), 2013 1747-1776

"Measuring the Informative and Persuasive Roles of Detailing on Prescribing Decisions," (with Andrew Ching), Management Science, 58(7), 2012, 1374-1387.

"A Practitioner's Guide to Bayesian Estimation of Discrete Choice Dynamic Programming Models," (with Andrew Ching, Susumu Imai, and Neelam Jain), Quantitative Marketing and Economics, 10(2), 2012, 151-196 (lead article).

"The Effects of Detailing on Prescribing Decisions under Quality Uncertainty," (with Andrew Ching) Quantitative Marketing and Economics, 8(2), 2010, 123-165 (lead article).

Working papers

"Dynamic Demand for New and Used Durable Goods without Physical Depreciation: The Case of Japanese Video Games," (with Andrew Ching), under 2nd round review at Marketing Science.

"An Exemplar-based Model of Category Emergence: Strategic Differentiation and Performance in Emerging Video Game Categories," (with Eric Yanfei Zhao, P. Devereaux Jennings, and Michael Lounsbury), under 2nd round review at Organization Science.

"Identification of Dynamic Models of Rewards Program," (with Andrew Ching), under 2nd round review at Japanese Economic Review.

"A Computationally Efficient Fixed Point Approach to Structural Estimation of Aggregate Demand," (with Yutec Sun), under revision for Journal of Econometrics.

"Strategic Paradox in Market Entry: Divergent Drivers of Entry and Performance in the U.S. Console Video Game Market" (with Eric Y.F. Zhao and P. Devereaux Jennings), under revision for Journal of Management Studies.

"The Effect of Acquisitions on Product Quality, Innovativeness, and Sales Performance: Evidence from the Console Video Game Industry (2002-2010)," (with Joost Rietveld), under review.

"A Dynamic Structural Model of Endogenous Consumer Reviews in Durable Goods Markets," (with Yuzhou Liu), under review.

"Bayesian Estimation of Finite-Horizon Discrete Choice Dynamic Programming Models," (with Andrew Ching).

Working in progress

"Price Discrimination via Versioning with Limited Quantity and Time: The Case of Special Edition Video Games," (with Yuzhou Liu and Joost Rietveld).

"Software Piracy and Outsourcing in Two-Sided Markets," (with Eitan Muller).

"Dynamic Competition for New and Used Durable Goods without Physical Depreciation,” (with Andrew Ching).


"Dynamic Demand for New and Used Durable Goods without Physical Depreciation," Ph.D. dissertation, University of Toronto, 2011.