Maxime Cohen

Ph.D. Students

  • Baek Jung Kim (2019) - Marketing Ph.D. student at NYU (main advisors: M. Ishihara and V. Singh). First position: Assistant Professor of Marketing, UBC Sauder School of Business.

  • Kevin Jiao (2019) - OM Ph.D. student at NYU

  • Haotian Song - OM Ph.D. student at NYU (co-advisor: Wenqiang Xiao)

  • Park Sinchaisri - OID Ph.D. student at Wharton (main advisor: Gad Allon)

  • Carlos Fernandez - IS Ph.D. student at NYU (co-advisor: Anindya Ghose)

  • Thesis committee member for: Dmitry Mitrofanov (OM Ph.D. student at NYU)

M.S. and UG Students

  • Weitao Lin (2018) - M.S. in Data Science at NYU. First Position: RBC Capital Markets, Data Scientist

  • Marcos Galante (2018) - Senior at NYU, Stern Honors Program. First Position: Goldman Sachs, Investment Banking

  • Junge Zhang (2020) - M.S. in Data Science at NYU