Maxime Cohen



Revenue Management & Pricing, Sustainability, Data Analytics, Field Experiments

Published and Accepted Papers

Under Review and Working Papers

  • "Feature-based Dynamic Pricing", with Ilan Lobel and Renato Paes Leme, Major Revision in Management Science (2nd round).
    Accepted to the ACM Conference on Economics & Computation (EC) 2016.

Book Chapter



  • "Sunsailor: Solar Powered UAV", with S. Tsach, L. Ankri, Y. Ehrlich, T. Goldenberg, H. Levy, I. Regev, A. Vladimirsky, A. Weider and Z. Yossef, Proc. 47th Israel Annual Conf. on Aerospace Sciences, Feb. 2007.
    Winner of the 2007 Technion Creativity in Science and Technology competition.