Menachem Brenner is Research Professor of Finance at the Leonard N. Stern School of Business at New York University. Dr. Brenner holds M.A. and Ph.D. degrees in finance and economics from Cornell University and a B.A. degree in economics from the Hebrew University.

The recipient of the Lady Davis Fellowship and grants from Ford Foundation and the Italian National Research Council, he taught at Hebrew University, the University of California, Berkeley, Tel Aviv University and the University of Bergamo.

Professor Brenner served as a consultant to leading Stock Exchanges, Banks, and other financial institutions such as the American Stock Exchange, Athens Derivatives Exchange, SOFFEX, Bombay Stock Exchange, Tel-Aviv Stock exchange, Bank of Israel, Israel Securities Authority, Quick Corp and Others. He also served as a consultant to major law firms on a variety of issues involving the securities markets, in particular derivatives securities and especially executive stock options. He was an organizer and speaker at the annual and International American Stock Exchange Options Colloquium.

He was also a floor trader in futures and options on the New York Futures Exchange and the NYSE. He has taught in many executive programs for major financial institutions (e.g., JP Morgan, Deutsche Bank, Smith Barney, Yamaichi Securities, Garantia, Swiss Bank Corp., ICICI, Credit Suisse).

He co-invented (with Prof. Dan Galai) the volatility index based on the prices of traded index options. Prof. Brenner was a member of the board of directors of the Tel-Aviv Stock Exchange and the chairman of the New Products committee and the Index Maintenance committee. He was a member of the advisory panel on Emerging Markets Investable Indices at the International Finance Corporation.

Prof. Brenner has served as an associate editor and referee to several finance journals. He was the founding Editor of the Review of Derivatives Research, an academic journal specializing in derivatives markets. Prof. Brenner published numerous papers in leading finance journals and has edited a book on Option Pricing. His most recent work deals with ambiguity, volatility derivatives, executive stock options and liquidity in the FX options markets.

His other passion is endurance races like; The NY marathon, The Great Floridian Ironman, The Israman 1/2, SOS, The Mt. Mitchell Ride.


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