Code and data sets for the methods discussed in  Jeffrey S. Simonoff , "Three Sides of Smoothing: Categorical Data Smoothing, Nonparametric Regression, and Density Estimation," International Statistical Review, 66, 137-156 (1998).

After downloading the S-PLUS dump file three.dmp, restore it using the data.restore command (the foreign package must be loaded first if R is being used). The following functions and data sets will be restored:

  • aicc.loess
  • aicc.spline
  • cat.crit.loess
  • cat.crit.loess2
  • cat.crit.spline
  • crit.loess
  • crit.spline
  • bondrat.dat
  • college.dat
  • female.dat
  • lottery.dat
  • readscore.dat
  • stock.dat
  • undergrad.dat (Note: Table 4 in the paper has a typographical error. The entry under (Importance of size of salary = 4, Importance of employment opportunities = 4, Chose major as a high school student) should be 8, not 0. The local quadratic probability estimates in Table 5 are correct.)

  • The file is available here.

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