This is the web site for R code for the handouts for the course Regression and Multivariate Data Analysis (STAT-GB.2301 / STAT-UB.17), taught by Jeffrey Simonoff. I make no claims regarding the quality of the code, and I welcome suggestions for improvements. Note that results from this code might be slightly different from results given by Minitab because of the precision with which the data was entered into the two packages.

For information on how to obtain the free R package, click here.

There are many books available that provide guidance on using R to perform statistical analyses in general and regression in particular. I make no personal endorsements on any of them, but R in Action has coverage that is similar to what is covered in the course, and has lots of examples of code to look at. The swirl package is an R package that turns the R console into an interactive learning environment, with self-paced lesons on R programming, which you might find useful. to go to class homepage