This is the web site for the course Regression and Multivariate Data Analysis (STAT-GB.2301/STAT-UB.0017), taught by Jeffrey Simonoff. This web page refers to the Regression and Multivariate Data Analysis class taught during the Fall 2017 semester. The syllabus for the course can be viewed here. A class-by-class calendar for this course can be viewed here. The calendar will be updated after each class.

If you are a non-Stern NYU student, there are certain procedures that you must follow in order to register for the course. Please click here for details if you are a graduate student, and click here for details if you are an undergraduate student. In particular, please do not contact me to ask for a permission code to register for the class; I am not in any way involved in course registration, and do not have any such code. Registration for the course must be done using the relevant process (undergraduate or graduate) described in these links.

Portable document format (pdf) versions of class handouts can be obtained here. To read these files, you will need to have a pdf reader on your computer. You can obtain one for free by clicking here.

These are the data files for the course. Each location includes a .ZIP file that contains all of the files in zipped format. You will need an unzipping program, such as pkunzip, to unzip the archive. The DOS-based pkunzip can be found in hundreds of locations on the web. A location that gives a self-extracting executable to create zipping and unzipping programs is here. Windows-based versions can be found by clicking here. Both of these programs are shareware. A free Windows zipping/unzipping programs can be found here.

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