Professor JOEL OWEN


Statistics and Data Analysis


office: MEC room 8-63

tel: 212- 998- 0446

fax: 212-995-4003

e-mail: jowen@stern.nyu.edu

office hours: Monday and Wednesday from 5:00 until 6:00 and by appointment at other times

class meetings: Wednesday from 6:00pm until 8:50pm in room ?

TA: To be announced

text: Basic Statistical Ideas for Managers by D.K. Hilderbrand and R.L. Ott (HO), Duxbury Press, 1996.

computer package: MINITAB 12


a. There will be a midterm examination in the 8th week given in class.

b. There will be a final examination during the exam period.

c. There will be weekly assignments to be handed in. Late assignments will not be accepted. Cases found at the end of the chapters are to be read when assigned and you should be ready to discuss them in class.

d. The final grade will combine your performance as follows: 35% is based on the midterm grade, 50% is based on the final grade and 15% is based on the submission of the weekly assignments.


A. Basics of Probability: Chapter III of HO

Rules of Probability

Probability Trees

B. Random Variables and Their Distributions Chapters IV and V of HO

Discrete Probability Models: The Binomial distribution

Continuous Probability Models: The Normal Distribution

C. Sampling Distributions: Chapter VI of HO

Random Sampling

Sampling distribution of the Mean and Sums

The Central Limit Theorem

D. Estimation: Chapter VII of HO

Point Estimators

Confidence Interval for the Mean

Confidence interval for Proportions




E. Hypothesis Testing: Chapter VIII of HO


Type I and Type II Errors

Tests of Means and Proportions

The Structure of General Tests

F. Simple Linear Regression: Chapter XI of HO

The principal of Least Squares

The Assumptions of a Linear Regression Model

Inference in Linear Regression

Prediction in Linear Regression


G. Multiple Regression and Model Building : Chapters XII and XIII of HO

Assumptions and Estimation of Multiple Regression Models

Inference and Prediction in Multiple Regression

Model Selection