Professor JOEL OWEN


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Short Biography

Professor of Statistics, received a B.A. from Yeshiva University in 1956. He has an M.A. from Boston University, 1957, and a Ph.D. from Harvard University , 1966. He came to Stern in 1966. His research interests include multivariate model building in financial economics. He has been a visiting professor at the London Business School, Tel Aviv Business School and ESSEC in France. He has also been a consultant to government and private organizations and was chairman of the Department of Statistics and Operations Research from 1976 to 1983. For more biographical information look at MYVITA .

Selected Publications

"Ranking Portfolio Performance by a Joint Mean-Variance Equality Test," Journal of Applied Economics, Vol.2, No.1, May 1999, (with R. Rabinovitch).

"On the Desirability of Big-Bang Reforms," Journal of Comparative Economics, forthcoming, (with B.G.Katz).

"Optimal Voucher Privatization Fund Bids When Bidding Affects Firm Performance," Journal of Comparative Economics, 1997, (with B.G. Katz).

"Designing an Optimal Privatization Plan for Restructuring Firms and Industries in Transition," Journal of Comparative Economics, 1995, (with B.G. Katz).

"Privatization: Choosing the Optimal Time Path," Journal of Comparative Economics, 1993 (with B.G. Katz).

"On the Existence of Franchise Contracts and Some of their Implications," International Journal of Industrial Organization, 1992 (with B.G. Katz).

"A 'Big Mac' Approach to Denationalization," Journal of Comparative Economics Studies, 1990 (with B.G. Katz).

For a more complete list of publications, see MYVITA .

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