Friday, June 1, 2012
Stern School, New York

Submissions are invited for the Stern Microstructure Meeting scheduled for June 1, 2012 at NYU Stern School in New York City. The meeting will be organized by Joel Hasbrouck. The program committee is Tarun Chordia, Amit Goyal, Charles Jones, Bruce Lehmann and Avanidhar Subrahmanyam. Supporting funding is provided by NASDAQ OMX through a grant to the Salomon Center at Stern.

The focus of the program meeting is the economics of securities markets.  This includes (but is not limited to) theoretical, empirical, and experimental analyses of: the role of information in the price-discovery process; the definition, measurement, and determinants of liquidity; the costs and benefits of alternate trading mechanisms and market structures; the measurement and control of transactions costs; the role of regulation and the evolution of market design; domestic and international comparisons of trading costs; cross-border listing and trading securities; trading technology and information systems; practical implications of market design for risk management; and financial engineering.

If you are interested in presenting a paper at the meeting, please upload a PDF at the submission website: The deadline for submissions is midnight, Friday, April 27, 2012.  The Salomon Center will cover the expenses of those chosen to present papers at the meeting (one author's expenses in the case of multiple-authored papers).