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Jeanne Calderon
Clinical Associate Professor, Accounting, Taxation & Business Law

Office Location: 40 West 4th Street, Room 428
Office Phone: (212) 998-0058

E-Mail: jcaldero@stern.nyu.edu

Pre-Law Advising

Each fall, Stern's faculty pre-law adviser, Professor Jeanne Calderon, hosts information sessions for students interested in law school. Also during the fall, Professor Calderon is available to meet with seniors and alumni who are applying to law school to discuss the application process and to review personal statements. During the spring, Professor Calderon is available to meet with all students and alumni considering a legal career.

If you would like to meet with
Professor Calderon, please click the link below for some prerequisites
*Pre-Law Meeting Prerequisites*

Dean's Certifications

Some law schools request that applicants complete and submit a "Dean's Certification" form either during the application process or after an applicant has been accepted. This form is often used to determine if there has been any disciplinary action taken against the applicant. (While such an infraction is not an absolute bar to law school, it is critical that applicants are upfront about any problems).

If you are applying to a law school that requires a Deans Certification, please download, print out, and complete our certification request form and provide all materials specified in item IV of our form. After we receive the completed form and all materials in item IV (mailed or hand-delivered), it will take about two weeks for the certifications to be completed.

If you have taken a course from Professor Calderon or if you have worked closely with one of the Stern deans, you may ask one of them to complete the form on your behalf. As an alternative, you may ask one of them to write a full letter of recommendation for you.

Message From Brooklyn Law School

Brooklyn Law School has created an Accelerated 2-Year J.D. Program. We are the only law school in the New York metropolitan that enables students to earn a J.D. in 24 months. Beginning in May 2014, the program is designed for select students seeking a rigorous legal education in an abbreviated timeframe. Highly-qualified and mature students with a demonstrated ability to handle a challenging workload are encouraged to apply. Here is a link link to a PDF that describes our 2-year program in detail. It is part of a flexible set of enrollment options we call Brooklyn 2-3-4.

Message From Cardozo Law School

Each year, Cardozo welcomes a small group of 1L students in January. Our January program:

Our January students are fully integrated into the Cardozo community and participate in our student-run journals, clubs, clinics and externships. Since these students take 1L academic courses over their first summer, we strongly encourage our January class to gain practical legal experience during their second year. Programming, built into the January 1L schedule, has been specifically tailored to assist these students with the process of securing real-world legal training. To learn more about Cardozo's experiential opportunities, please click here.

More information about the January program, and admissions process in general, can also be found on our web site. Orientation for our January 2014 program begins on Tuesday, January 7.

Stern Pre-Law Advising Events

Echo Pre-Law Session 9/18/13 Click here

Fall Webinars for Students and Alumni Interested in Law School Click here


Memo to Law School Applicants
from Jeanne Calderon



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