Leonard N. Stern School of Business

Value at Risk Seminar

Institute for International Research, Helsinki, Finland

Prof. Ian H. Giddy

New York University



1. The Role of Value-at-Risk in Modern Financial Management (Jauri)

2. Financial Toolkit for Risk Management (Giddy)

3. Measuring Market Exposure: Interest Rates, Currencies, Equities, Commodities (Giddy)

4. Using Volatilities and Correlations to Measure Overall Value at Risk (Giddy)


5. Application of the Value-at-Risk Approach to Management of Corporate Foreign Exchange Risk (Giddy)

6. Finnish Case Study



7. Effective Risk Reporting, Performance Evaluation and Control (Giddy)

8. Application of the Value-at-Risk Approach to Corporate Interest Rate Risk Management (Giddy)

9. The VAR of Options and Other Derivatives (Giddy)

10. Understanding and Managing Pitfalls, Problems and Limitations of the Value-at-Risk Approach (Jauri & Giddy)

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