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Managing Corporate Financial Risk

Prof. Ian Giddy

New York University

Managing market risk is an increasingly important aspect of corporate financial management. This module provides insights into three difficult aspects of risk management: interest rate risk, commodity price risk and foreign currency exposure. The instructor employs modern principles of finance to address the practical problems of measuring and managing corporate fianial risk in the context of business uncertainties, accounting imperfections and incomplete markets.

AM            Interest Rate and Commodity Risk

Corporate Financial Risk: Transactions, Accounting and Economic Exposure

Integration of Financing and Hedging Decisions

Hedging Instruments Compared

Case Study: "Liberty Travel"

Commodity Prices and the Cost of Carry Theory

Commodity Swaps and Commodity-Linked Bonds

Illustration: "Qantas"


PM            Managing Currency Risk

Foreign Exchange and Eurocurrency Instruments

Should Companies Actively Manage Currency Risk?

Anatomy of Recent Accidents

Transactions, Accounting and Economic Exposure

Tools and Techniques for Managing Currency Exposure

Case study: "U.S. Semiconductor"

Guidelines for the Use of Different Hedging Instruments

Managing Financial Risk and the "Value at Risk" Approach

Conclusion and Recap




"A Framework for Risk Management"

"The Management of Foreign Exchange Risk"


"Liberty Travel," "Qantas," and "U.S. Semiconductor"


"Managing Corporate Financial Risk"


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