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One of IAG's goals is to improve our members' skill set and knowledge about financial markets. At times, our discussions get very complicated and are at times overwhelming to those who have not had a rigorous grounding in finance and accounting. As a result, we have established a popular workshop series that aims to bring new members up to the level where they can participate in our most technical discussions in a much more casual environment that a typical class.

We have a core set of workshops on financial markets, accounting, market based valuation, intrinsic valuation, evaluating companies and presentation skills which are highly recommended to newer members wishing to gain more knowledge. They are taught be senior members, who have worked on Wall St and acted as Teaching Fellows within Stern. These workshops draw on materials from many of the Stern classes, and it is not surprising to see IAG members able to pass finance and accounting classes before even taking them. This year, we have written up a guide that summarizes the material in workshops and is a useful reference guide to reviewing key financial concepts.

Beyond these six workshops, we have an advanced series of workshops that talk about different investment strategies, derivatives investments, excel modeling, fixed income investing, efficient market theories and market-based discussions, which are held on an ongoing basis after the basic workshop series is completed.

IAG Member Guide

Workshops: 2010 - 2011

March 1, 2011

Workshop V:
Excel 101
workshop materials


Feb 22, 2011

Workshop IV:
DCF Workshop
dcf sample


November 9, 2010

Workshop III:
Eric Ward on Value Investing
reading list


October 26, 2010

Workshop II:
Accounting 101


October 19, 2010

Workshop I:
Financial Markets

Workshop Archive: