iag | meetings

Fridays @ 5:30pm, Tisch 201

One of the most important skills for working in the financial industry is knowing how to do a successful presentation. While there are communications classes at school, the competitive atmosphere often makes it difficult for students to relax and develop their skills at their own pace. At IAG meetings, students are encouraged to research and present companies of their own liking. Without having to worry about their GPAs, students can gain valuable experiences and learn in a fun environment.

Therefore, the primary focus of our meetings are stock presentations. While other clubs constantly invite guest speakers, all our presentations are done by members. After each presentation, the floor is opened and students are welcomed to bring up questions and concerns about the company presented. We foster peer-to-peer learning, something that is difficult to accomplish in classes where students are to compete against each other for grades.

Average attendance at our weekly meetings is approximately 100 students. We always welcome and encourage participation of people from all backgrounds — including graduate students, visiting universities and, especially, our alumni.