iag | cohort

Our Mission

The cohort program aims to foster underclassmen participation within IAG. The underclassmen are paired with IAG's executive board members, who act as mentors in regards to school, work, and of course IAG. In addition to providing a direct link between the IAG E-board member and the underclassmen or recent transfer, E-Board members will hold weekly social gatherings to build meaningful relationships so as to create a sense of camaraderie. During your tenure in IAG, you will experience some level of intense competition. As an intense club with a committed membership, we embrace competition between cohort groups and will host sporting groups, stock competitions, and battle investment ideas. However, we are all friends working towards a similar goal of learning about investing and applying this knowledge within a real world context. You will be amazed at the friends you make and keep participating in cohort, and the respect you earn being involved in such a prestigious Stern club.