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Brochure for 2011_2012  

IAG Briefing 2011_2012

This was passed out at Stern's Freshman Club Fair to give everyone an overview of what we are about and as well as to give everyone an idea of what we have planned for everyone.

Brochure for 2010-2011  

IAG Briefing 2010-2011

Brochure for 2007-2008  

IAG Briefing 2007-2008

Brochure for 2005-2006  

IAG Briefing 2005-2006

Brochure for 2004-2005  

IAG Briefing 2004-2005

Brochure for 2001-2002  

IAG Briefing 2001-2002

Brochure for Fall of 2001  

IAG Brochure Fall 2001

This brochure is more historical than prospective. To get an idea of what we've done in the past, this is a great place to start.