I am a fifth (and final) year PhD candidate in the Department of Information, Operations & Management Sciences at the Stern School of Business, New York University. My doctoral dissertation, under the direction of Prof. Mor Armony and Prof. Michael Pinedo, focuses on the operational design and patient flow management for healthcare delivery systems with appointment driven arrivals. More broadly, my research interests include Stochastic Networks, Diffusion Approximations, Scheduling, Simulation, Predictive Modelling, and their applications in Service Operations Management.


You can find my résumé here.

Research Articles

  • Zacharias, C. and M. Pinedo. 2014. Appointment Scheduling with No-Shows and Overbooking. Production and Operations Management 23(5) 788-801. (available here)

  • Zacharias, C. and M. Armony. 2014. Joint Panel Sizing and Appointment Scheduling in Outpatient Care. Working Paper. (manuscript available here)

  • Zacharias, C. and M. Pinedo. 2014. Managing Customer Arrivals in Service Systems with Multiple Servers. Working Paper. (manuscript available here)