Short Bio

Apostolos Filippas is a Ph.D. Candidate in Information Systems in the Information, Operations, and Management Sciences Department at the NYU Stern School of Business.

Apostolos’ research programme concerns digital platforms, with a focus on the burgeoning sharing economy. In his work, he draws on concepts and tools from theoretical and behavioral economics, econometrics, and machine learning, to study topics ranging from policy implications of digital platforms, the optimal design of online marketplaces, and the macro-level platform phenomena caused by boundedly rational agents. He is co-advised by Arun Sundararajan, John Horton, and Srikanth Jagabathula.

Apostolos obtained his diploma degree in Computer Science from the University of Patras (summa cum laude), with concentration in theoretical computer science. His work has been recognized with the best paper award in the Crowdsourcing, Crowdfunding, Blockchain, and Sharing Economy track award of ICIS 2016. He currently serves as the editorial assistant of the Big Data journal.