Short Bio

Hi! I am an an economist and an Assistant Professor of Information Systems at Stevens Institute of Technology's School of Business. My research is focused on the economics of technology, particularly in the context of online marketplaces.

My recent work includes topics such as the public policy implications of online platforms, the limits of online reputation systems, the management of organizational change under the sharing economy business model, and the aggregation of boundedly rational user behavior into platform-level phenomena. Methodologically, I develop economic models, conduct field experiments, and develop and use machine learning methods to extract insights from large data sets.

My work has appeared in venues such as the ACM conference on Economics and Computation (EC), the Workshop on Information Systems and Economics (WISE), the International Conference of Information Systems (ICIS), the ZEW Conference on the Economics of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), and the Big Data journal. My research has also been recognized with the ICIS best paper in the Crowdsourcing, Crowdfunding, Blockchain, and Sharing Economy track, and has been nominated for the ICIS best conference paper award.

I received my Ph.D. in Information Systems at NYU Stern, and my diploma degree in Computer Science (summa cum laude) from the University of Patras.



  • 2019, Spring --- Applied Analytics, MBA
  • 2018, Fall --- Fundamentals of Information Systems, UG (x2)
  • 2018, Spring --- Data Mining for Bus. Analytics, MBA
  • 2017, Fall --- Network Analytics, MBA
  • 2017, Spring --- Decision Models, UG
  • 2017, Spring --- Decision Models, MBA (x2)
  • 2016, Summer --- IT in Business and Society, UG
  • 2016, Summer --- Network Analytics, MBA
  • 2016, Spring --- Data Mining for Bus. Analytics, MBA
  • 2016, Winter --- Operations Management, MBA
  • 2015, Spring --- Decision Models, UG
  • 2015, Spring --- Decision Models, MBA (x2)