The Quiz Rules

There will be no amendments, corollaries or other variants of these rules, unless approved by yours truly.

1.    The quizzes will be on the designated days in the first 30 minutes of the class.

2.    The quizzes will be open book, open notes. You can bring in as much supporting material as you can carry.

3.    The quizzes are NOT group work. You cannot consult with, talk to, communicate with or pass telepathic messages to anyone else in or out of the classroom. There are no cultural exceptions.

4.    When time is called on the quiz, please stop writing. It is not fair to others to keep working after others have stopped.

5.    Each quiz is worth 10%.

6.    If you have to miss a quiz for good reason[1], you will have to let me know (by email) at least 15 minutes before the quiz that you will be missing the quiz.

7.    If you miss a quiz for good reason, the 10% weight on that quiz will be reallocated across your remaining exams (quizzes and final). You cannot weight prior quizzes more. For example, assume that you take the first quiz but miss the second one. In this case, the first quiz will continue to be weighted 10%, but the third quiz will be weighted 12.5% (instead of 10%) and the final will be 37.5% (instead of 30%).

8.    If you take all three quizzes, the score on your worst quiz will be pushed up to the average score across all of your other exams (the other two quizzes and the final exam) (Note: It will not be thrown out). (In the most extreme scenario, you would get a 0 on your worst quiz and 100% on every other exam. In this case, the worst quiz will have no weight on your grade. If you get a 4 on your worst quiz and 90% on all of your other exams, the score on your worst quiz will be pushed up to 9).    If you miss a quiz,you will not have this option, even if you miss the quiz for good reason.

9. I grade all of your quizzes and I give partial credit. So, please show all work. If you have a beef with the grading (and I do make mistakes), please come to me. I do not bite, chew people's heads off or indulge in similar anti-social behavior. I will listen to your points but I may not agree with them.

10. You can bring calculators to the quiz but you cannot use your laptop (yet).

[1] Good reasons for missing quiz: Physical or mental sickness (you, spouse or child), Stalled subway train, Important interview (and you cannot change time).

Not good reasons for missing quiz: Did not have time to prepare, Feeling overwhelmed, Not quite ready.